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With Carando, you always have a head start to a delicious meal. But what happens next is all you! From classic dishes to modern twists and surprising fusions, the possibilities are easy to achieve. Discover your next favorite meal with our collection of chef-inspired recipes.


These tried-and-true recipes will awaken your senses to the simple yet elegant charm of an Italian-inspired breakfast.

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Featured Recipes


Savor the romance of Tuscany and zest of Sicily with this curated selection of lunch recipes starring our fresh, flavorful Italian meats.

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Whether you’re craving a refreshing salad, steamy soup, or meaty pasta dish, you’ll savor the taste of Italy in every bite of these delicious, satisfying dinner recipes.

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Searching for the perfect complement to your main dish? You’ve come to the right place with these tempting, Italian-inspired sides.

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Embark on a bite-sized Roman holiday with these zesty snack recipes that are ready to be packed in lunches, piled onto game-day spreads, or enjoyed whenever hunger strikes.

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Indulge in the vibrant flavors of Italy with these inventive appetizer recipes that are so fresh and authentic, you’ll forget about the main meal!

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Celebrate the season and prepare these elegant, festive recipes that evoke the warmth and joy of an Italian holiday gathering.

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Create a delectable al fresco dining experience with these grilling recipes that capture the tantalizing flavors of Italy.

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